G4U4- not finished

Big Idea: Living things have structures that help them survive, grow, and reproduce. 



Structure- body part

Describe the structure- explaining how the body part looks, feels

Function- job of body part

Connection between the structure and function- explain how the way the structure is designed helps the body part do a specific function




Roots (structure): Image result for plant Roots

Function of the roots

   1. To stabalize the plant, hold it in place

   2. Absorb water and nutrients in the soil

Describe the structure: long, thin, spread out in all directions

Connection: How does the design of structure help the root to do a specific funtion?

The roots have two jobs. The first job is to stabalize the plant. The design of the roots is long and spread out. This design helps the plant to stay in place. The spread out roots allows the plant to hold onto more ground. The second function of the roots is to absorb water and nutrients. The design of the roots helps with this function also. The roots are thin which means they can go between rocks and into more places to get water and nutrients. The roots spread out allowing the plant to get water and nutrients from more of an area around the plant. 


Stem (structure): Image result for plant stems

Stems include trunks of trees!


Function of the stem:

   1. Stablalize the plant

   2. Transfer water and nutrients from roots to leaves

   3. Bark protects the plant from insects and weather

Description of structure: sturdy, long, strong