Brooke Science


Science is all around us. It affects every aspect of our lives. Understanding science, and learning to think like a scientist, is very important. 


There are so many different topics that are covered in science class. This website was made to help you find notes from class and more resources. It is a work in progress, so there might be units still missing. 


The topics are broken into grade level (G3, G4 or G5) and unit number (U1, U2, U3, U4, U5).

Third Grade Topics (G3):

  • Unit 1 (U1): Organisms grow and change in predictable ways
  • Unit 2 (U2): Some organisms survive better in an environment than others
  • Unit 3 (U3): Unbalanced forces change the motion of an object
  • Unit 4 (U4): We use long-term weather data to predict what the weather is usually like in a particular place during a particular season. We call that climate. 

Fourth Grade Topics (G4):

  • Unit 1 (U1): Energy cannot be created, but can be transferred between objects
  • Unit 2 (U2): Energy cannot be created, but can change forms
  • Unit 3 (U3): Energy can move through waves
  • Unit 4 (U4): Living things have structures that help them survive, grow, and reproduce
  • Unit 4 (U5): The earth's surface is constantly changing

Fifth Grade Topics (G5):

  • Unit 1 (U1): Visible properties of matter can be explained by what is going on at the molecular level. Each substance has a different kind of molecule. The arrangement and movement of those molecules determines the state of matter
  • Unit 2 (U2): Patterns in the Earth's sky can be explained by the relationship of the earth, moon, and sun
  • Unit 3 (U3): Energy and matter are necessary for life and flow through ecosystems
  • Unit 4 (U4): A limited amount of water cycles on Earth
  • Unit 5 (U5): Humans can design ways to reduce our impact on the environment


About Me:

My name is Ms. Castellini. I teach 3rd-5th grade science at Brooke Charter School in East Boston. I earned my Bachelor's Degree in k-6 Education at the University of Canberra in Australia. I earned my Masters in Science Education through Northeaster State University. I have a STEM Leadership Certificate from the NASA Endeavor program and a Yoga Teacher's Certificate from Breathe for Change. I have been teaching since 2012 and at Brooke since 2015. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions!